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Dressing like a Kardashian is hard work. But don't worry, I've laid out a simple who-what-wear so you too can dress like any of the Kardashians with any of my products. 

The Kardashians - Meet - Molly Shaheen

Kris Jenner. The Matriarch.

She's ruthless, this one. Usually dressed in all black or white, this crazy cat would look best in the Scaled Stone Envelope. 

Kourtney Kardashian. The eldest.

She already loves a good fanny! For those baby-birthin hips, the Bubbled Blood Orange Circle would look best on this girl and those polka dots. 

Kim Kardashian. The STAR.

Obviously a great dresser, I wouldn't change much to her current approach to fashion. However, the Pebbled Blue Circle probably would have brought out her sparkles more here.

Khloe Kardashian. A true spitfire of a woman. 

Please! No paparazzi. Just like her older sisters, Klo loves a good leather fanny pack. For my sista from another mista, the Soft Black Shearling Fringed Circle would go well with her sexy attitude.


Rob and Scott. These two. I swear...the cutest. 

For these 2 dodo birds an easy-going Leather Phone Holster would complete any of their preppy getups. They already dig suspenders, so what's the difference really.


Kendall Jenner. The Model.

This sister deserves something truly high-fashion around those tiny hips. The teal tips on the Soft Black Fringed Circle would elongate those legs even more on the runway.  

Kylie Jenner. The bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, blue-haired beauty.

This festival-going trollip would just die over the Metallic Blue Texture Circle Mickey Mouse bag. Don't you think?!


Caitlyn Jenner. A classy broad, first and foremost. 

Nothing can stop this vixen. Something tells me this chick would be more comfy in an elegant clutch. For her, the Stone Grey Mini Scales Mini Flap with gold details would go well with any of her new dresses. Class Class Class.


Kanye West. Kanye Kanye Kanye. 

Thank God your name starts with a "K" otherwise I'm not quite sure you would have been allowed into this family circle of trust. For the most talented man in the world, I don you the Soft Black Phone Holster. You usually never wear anything but black so I will keep you right where you're most comfy: in your comfort zone. 


Now we can all be Kardashians! 

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September 29, 2015 by Molly Shaheen

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