Broad City Season 3 Philadelphia

YAS KWEEN! The Phone Holster has made it to the Broads in NYC! Or, shall I say Philadelphia?! 

In this week's episode of Broad City, Abbi and Ilana venture off to Philadelphia...where Abbi was born and raised. On the playground is where she spent most of her days. Chillin and relaxin until she moved to NYC.

With a phone holster in tow, Ilana was able to travel hands-free with all of her belongings safely inside each removable pocket. 

Back at Abbi's childhood home, Ilana helps Abbi sift through her teenage angst, still completely comfortable and hands-free. 

Oh look! She found an old dread from Abbi's Phish touring days.

And the precious JonBenét Beanie Baby worth $13,000 (or $45 in the regular world). 

Off they go on their hunt to find an old classmate of Abbi's. The Beanie Baby totally feelin the phone holster and enjoying life.

Yay! They found the old classmate. Gorgeous model, of course. Living in Will Smith's house, of course.

Travel in style just like Ilana and JonBenét: Leather Phone Holster Broad City Season 3 Philadelphia





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March 24, 2016 by Molly Shaheen

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