Festival season is upon us! If you've ever been to a music festival, or any show for that matter, you know how important your wardrobe can be to your overall happiness. You MUST be hands-free because who actually wants to carry around a big purse all day or night when you're trying to enjoy yourself? And you have to look cute...I mean what's the point of doing anything at all if you aren't dressed cute?

Here are a few of my favorite festival fashion pieces that will give you festival fever for sure!  


Fringe is always, always, always in. Always. Not sometimes. But always. The beautiful thing about this fringed bag is that you can wear it around your waist like a bum bag or belt bag, however which way you want to call it, or you can wear it across your body by lengthening the strap. To top off the versatility, you can even remove the strap completely and use it as a clutch if you're going out after the show. The colored tips on the bottom flow so beautifully as you walk and run and dance about to the music. And if the style wasn't perfect enough, this fringed fanny pack is on sale right now! Can't get any more perfect than this. 




#SquadGoals with Taylor Swift

I think the leather harness is amazing. A rugged additive to an otherwise blah outfit. However...I much prefer practicality! Are you gonna carry around that Louis all day and night at the festival? HAIIILLLL no. You need pockets for that harness to store your phone, wallet, and keys. You need functionality with this bad boy. Here's where I come in. A Leather Phone Holster is great for hands-free dancing and jamming.



One of my favorite Harlem designers, Beriqisu, has been creating tailor-made womenswear from African-printed cotton fabrics for years. I own several of her pieces and I always feel so feminine and stylish. The fit is always perfect and the design and color combinations are so unique I always have people complimenting me. The one thing she does extremely well is a good crop top! I am particularly obsessed with this style from her newest collection, and it really is the breeziest top to wear at any festival you are attending. 



Ripped, holed, frayed, cropped, one-pieced, or straight, denim is always Queen. You always need a pocket, you always need durability, and you always need comfort. I personally love to make my denim items my very own (bleach out a jacket, rip some holes in my favorite wash, create shorts from a worn-out pair of jeans). There are literally THOUSANDS of different kinds of denim out there, including different washes, styles, and fits. For festival season, you can't go wrong with a pair of sexy shorty shorts or bell-bottomed jeans, but for me, I love a slick pair of white denim that hug my body in all the right places. Imogene + Willie have been on the denim scene since 2009 and if you want to weep as you read a very inspiring story, look no further: Denim Love Story



Don't let the sun damage your hair or skin! Cover up that head of yours with a hair accessory. I love a good head scarf myself. Some of my favorites come from vintage stores in NYC, but if hunting around for printed scarves isn't in the cards for you, easily purchase online from another one of my favorite Harlem designers, Fanm Djanm. A pop of color on the head can really make a difference to your entire wardrobe. And don't even get me started on all the ways you can wear a head scarf...this style is one of my faves.



Rows upon rows upon rows of bracelets on your arms have been trending for a while now (if a trend lasts for more than a few years is it even considered a trend anymore?). Venessa Arizaga's strong Puerto Rican roots gave her a strong, delicate eye for color... and some sass. A combination that, when done well, is intoxicating. Drape your arms in any (and all!) of these one-of-a-kind, hand-made pieces.

Get festival ready and start shopping now! Big sales going on as well - perfect timing!



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April 14, 2016 by Molly Shaheen

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