Yo yo yo - Mother's Day is in like 2 weeks. Need some gift ideas for all the mothers in your life? Here are some ideas to check out for Mother's Day: May 8, 2016!


Hands-Free Mama-Bear

A mother already has the diaper bag to worry about. She shouldn't have to worry about her phone, wallet, and keys, too! I love this Phone Holster so much because it can be for men and women. Most of the customers who purchase this leather phone case are women! When a mama has a baby on her hip and diaper bag over her shoulder, the last thing she wants is to be rummaging through her huge purse to find her keys. The retractable key chain function is a life-saver for those on the go. Just pull on the keys and out they come, while still being securely fastened to the shoulders. Keep a phone even closer - in a pocket that rests right against the body - and whip that smart phone out at a moment's notice! Shop now at Molly Shaheen

leather phone holster

Now available in FRINGE!

fringe phone holster festival fashion


Party-Hopping Mama-Bear

Who says mamas can't have fun? It's festival season already and moms everywhere are attending! Get your mama one of these festival-friendly fringe hip bags (did I mention this one is on SUPER SALE!?!?!??!) that she can wear when she's out partying. This bum bag triples as a cross-body bag and as a clutch: drape the fanny pack across the shoulders for a worrisome grocery shopping trip, or remove the adjustable strap for date night and wear as a clutch. Originally $285, this little beauty is now available for $125 at Molly Shaheen.

fringe fanny packfringe fanny pack



Gold-Studded Mama-Bear

Does the mama in your life LOVE gold? Actually, who doesn't love gold!?!? Gold is amazing. And these pieces from Harlem-based Indiviju are perfect for the jewelry-adorned mama in your life. I love how elegantly simple this ring is - stack it with pieces your mama already has or wear it on its own. The earrings are so sleek and the sharp lines make my heart soar. Shop the full collection here: Indiviju 

mothers day gold ring

mothers day gift earrings 

Elegant Mama-Bear

Does the Mama in your life love sassy foldover clutches?? I know my mama loves them! This leather foldover clutch designed in collaboration with S.O.U.L. Sisters has limited availability left - so don't delay! Only 2 colors left from the original collection! You can purchase here at Molly Shaheen: Foldover Clutch

foldover clutch


Name-Lovin Mama-Bear

For the mamas out there that LOVE their name! Or love their child's name! I've just decided I'm going to get myself one of these bad boys with my name in Arabic. I already have it tattooed on my body, may as well get something to drape around my neck as well. I will be ordering it in rose gold, obviously.

name plate

If you aren't Arabic, don't worry! This company can do English words as well in 3 different finishes: silver, sterling silver, and rose gold. My mom just became a Babusha (Polish Grandma) recently - how cute would it be to get her one that says Babusha?!?! Oh the cuteness overload will surely kill me.


Hungry Mama-Bear

I crave these jams on the daily. Crosstown Sweets has THE most delectable jams your mama will ever have in her life. So many flavors for the tastebuds to enjoy! I go through one of these every...3 weeks. Yea. 3 weeks. It's part of my diet. Jam every day for a happier life. That should be their slogan...I'll have to talk to them about that...

Get a few and package them up for a thoughtful gift. I love their suggested recipes, too: Crosstown Sweet Recipes

crosstown sweets home made jams


And if none of these ideas will work for your mama, I guess you can just go out for coffee. 



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April 22, 2016 by Molly Shaheen

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