I’m blogging now...so...yay!

I’m sure you all are very interested in how and why I started my company so lucky for you I’m going to tell you. Don’t worry...it’s nice and short and sweet and to the point. Just the way I like it.

I spent the majority of my time in New York City working in Corporate America and I was aching for something new and creative. Coincidentally, I was also on the hunt for a leather fanny pack and I could not find one I liked. The decision was easy: start a business making and selling adorable and amazing leather fanny packs! But they had to be versatile, too. I wanted the option to wear the leather fanny pack in multiple ways (as a clutch, a cross-body bag, and over the shoulder). As much as I love a good leather fanny pack, I know others need more options other than wearing it around the waist.

So I got to work!

My first prototype was interesting. Since I had zero experience manufacturing leather goods my first go at it was...special.

Impressed? I thought you would be. Uhg...

I stitched all the pattern pieces by hand (I later found out that this was preposterous - this is what machines are for).

Many phone calls and appointments later I fell in love with my first leather goods sample maker: Fernando. He was, and still is, glorious. He usually asks for royalties when I show his face so you’ll have to make-do with his beautiful Colombian hands.

Isn’t he something?

He made me my first real sample by taking my arts and crafts project and transforming it into a beautiful leather fanny pack.

(I know...WOW)

Now I needed to sell it! Several of my entrepreneur friends launched their businesses and products through Kickstarter and they suggested that I do the same.

In the end, I raised almost $30k and sold more than 150 Mollypacks (a Mollypack, you say? Yes, Mollypacks! A word that’s nice and cheeky and doesn’t imply a woman’s lady parts in Europe).


I couldn’t believe all the support I received. The excitement of sharing these glorious little bum bags to the masses was empowering. I quickly expanded my leather fanny pack line to tote bags, card holders, and phone holsters. I was building an EMPIRE!

Well, not so much an empire but more like a very small kingdom of leather goods. But it was mine and my new little friends made me oh so happy.

And that’s the story, Morning Glory. It’s a simple and sweet one, but I found my calling with the leather fanny pack. We were meant to be together, and together we will remain.

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Now stop flirting with me and go enjoy the sweet whiff of my leather goods.

How cute is Aly and how amazing is this photo by Stephanie Bassos Photography? SO. DANG. CUTE.

August 31, 2015 by Molly Shaheen

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