Summer has officially come to a close. But do not fear! Fall is here! My most favorite season of all!

My favorite thing to wear these days is Rose Gold. I just love this finish. It's so elegant and refined-looking. I also find it to be a very pleasing shade for Fall. A great transition from Summer, this color is girly and fun but gives a sense of warmth needed for the change in temperature outside. In no particular order, here are...

My Top 10 Best Rosie-Colored Things For Fall

1. Count Me Healthy Crystal and Rose Gold Bracelet by Chelsea Charles. Isn't this bracelet TO DIE FOR!? Oh I get all tingly with excitment when I see it. It's just the right amount of sparkle! These bracelets are great for healthy living, too! All you do is slide the beads one at-a-time as you meet your goals. I'm terrible at drinking water throughout the day so all I need to do is move over one bead after every glass I drink! Genius! 

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2. Marsha Fitted Stretch Crop Top and Savannah Fitted Pencil Skirt by Beriqisu. This is a favorite of Beyonce, too, so we all gotta have it!! This fabric is so cozy for Fall! You can easily pair this set with a long overcoat or beanie, just like our girl, Bey.

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3. Parker Watch by Michael Kors. I live in this watch. It's so fancy looking and I die over the sparkly face every time I gaze at it. Michael Kors has a bajillion different styles and colors and I always have difficulty selecting my favorite. But this one is the t*ts.

4. Bubblegum Pink Leather Card Holder by Molly Shaheen. If you don't have a leather card holder yet...this is the one for you! This is an EXCLUSIVE for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Help support today! 

50% of the proceeds go to EllieFund for Breast Cancer Awareness. DONATE NOW!


5. Rose Gold Chain Link Bracelet by Henri Bendel. My BFFer just got me this bracelet for my birthday. I adore it. It lives peacefully next to my Michael Kors watch on my left wrist and they are very happy together. Light-weight but also very fancy. 


6. Rose Gold Heart Earrings by Marc by Marc Jacobs. These earrings are supes adorbs. Sooooo lightweight on the ears I can barely feel that I have them on! I got these for my sisters, too. I just couldn't resist!

7. Rose Clay Face Mask by Flo and Theo. Do you know this brand? Well you need to immediately if you don't. 100% vegan skin care products and ohhhh soooo yummy! I die over their Activated Charcoal Soap, too.

8. Pale Pink Dylan Leather Tie by Grove Lane. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Leather ties! Brilliant! So sexy for a man and extremely glamorous for a gal!

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9. Miss Frosty Headband by Venessa Arizaga. I LOVE this chick's style. Her stuff is SICKKKKKKKK. Not only do I want to eat my head off with this headband, but she has ah-mazing jewelry to boot! 

 10. Underwire Halter Top and Cheeky Waistband Bottom by BambinaSwim. This last one is a cheat, since it's hard to imagine wearing a bathing suit with the change in season. However, there is such a thing as VACATION, people! My breasts have never been happier in a bathing suit. The bottoms are not as scandalous as I thought either...they fit like a dream! 

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September 22, 2015 by Molly Shaheen

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