Fall for Fringe Bags this Fall

FRINGE! FRINGE! FRINGE! It's all the rage! Who doesn't want to swoosh and swirl as they walk down the street? I know THIS GIRL does! 

Photo taken by: Stephanie Bassos

There's something about running your fingers through small strings of leather. It's very theraputic. Sensual. Comforting. Relaxing. Soothing. What other adjectives can I use to describe the ecstasy of a Fringed Bag?? How about...surprising. A little design flare always does a body good. A colorful element to add to your street swagger, if you will.

And talk about luxe...yummy delicious shearling fur can really spunk up any Fringe Bag. Take this one from our Fall 2015 collection:

Photo taken by: Anthony Cucculelli

The beauty of this little lady is her versatility. This Black Fringe Bag was made to be worn in every Fringed way possible: Fringe Fanny Pack, Fringe Cluch, and Fringe Crossbody Bag.

Photo taken by: Dayane Ohira

Women's Health Magazine loves Fringe! Our white fanny pack was featured as one of their Must-Have bags:

Ilana Glazer rocks Fringe Bags, too. Be sure to tune in for Season 3 in January to see this blue fanny pack in all of her Broad City glory. 

Trust. This is Ilana's bod. Holler.

Fashion Daily Mag has a special love for the Fur Fringe Crossbody Bag. Brigitte Segura really knows her Fringe trends!

Photo Courtesy of Fashion Daily Mag

Ready to find your perfect Fringed Bag? Check out some super high-end designer Fringe Bags here: Purse Blog. Or go the smart, fashionable route and get a 3-for-1 Fringed Bag! Head on over to the master of the leather fanny pack where you can pick yourself up a nice, versatile, leather, well-made, hand-crafted, USA-born Fringed Bag.

Fringe Fanny Pack

Photo taken by Stephanie Bassos

Fringe Clutch

Photo taken by Stephanie Bassos

Fringe Crossbody Bag

Photo taken by Stephanie Bassos


So what are you waiting for? Get on this Fringe train and make the world a better place! And while you're at it, why don't you treat yo'self. Use code Fringe25 at checkout for 25% off on our Fringe Bags. Discount expires Tuesday, October 20th at Midnight.



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October 13, 2015 by Molly Shaheen

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