Even though it still feels like October here in NYC, the holiday gift-giving season is most definitely upon us! Have you started your shopping yet? The clocks a tickin so don't delay too much longer. Keep the stress down this year and finish your shopping this weekend, like me! Or treat yourself to something special this season, like I did!

Here are some great gift ideas for your special someones or for yourself! Enjoy!

For the Trendy Traveler

For the chick who likes to travel in style, or for an elevated approach to the interview bag, this black leather tote with fur shearling is the perfect choice. Leather details on the nylon straps add extra durability so you can stuff as many goodies in here as your little heart desires! Marni actually has a similar fur felt tote for an affordable $2,199 (original retail was $3,660 so hurry up and take advantage of this sale price!). But you should save that extra $1,924 and continue to shop!

 For the Basic Business Professional

How's that out-dated super heavy and bulky metal business card holder workin out for ya? Paper business cards weigh like 0.00326 lbs. A metal business card holder weighs about 0.4375 lbs. That's like... a lot of extra weight to be carrying around. Lighten that load and make an even stronger impression with a sophisticated leather business card holder. New this week!

 For the OCD Organizer

Let me let you in on a little secret...girls are crazy about their little compartments where they can store their little treasures. The more pouches, the better. For example, my mom always stores her cell phone in a small zippered pouch, that's inside a larger pouch, that's inside her purse (among multiple other pouches holding receipts, coupons, various types of lip glosses...you get the idea). This is normal behavior, people. A pouch within a pouch within a larger pouch. There's no stopping the madness. One must simply embrace it. Lucky for you, there's a new Vanity Pouch in town. She made her online debut today and she can't wait for you to check her out! 

For the Concert Cutie

We all love music. We all love dancing to music. Isn't dancing a little easier when you don't have a purse hanging over your shoulder? Oh, you have a cross-body bag? For experimental reasons, and those reasons alone, I tried dancing with a cross-body bag the other day in my living room. It kept swinging in front of me and I couldn't pop and lock it with the strap over my shoulder. But putting that bag around my waist...now we're talkin people! And if that bumbag had fringe?! I can now close my eyes and feel the music...run my fingers through the fringed leather bag and swing my hips back and forth. It's glorious. You should try it. Sound a little too creepy for you and you still prefer your cross-body bag? Don't fret, my pet. All these leather fanny packs can be worn as cross-body bags as well. Just lengthen the strap and slip it over your head. Voila! Another bag.


For the Tight-Panted Tom-Boy


Sometimes a purse or bag isn't the right accessory. And pant pockets just aren't workin right. Ever try a cell phone holster? Pockets for everything you need to carry: a pocket for your smartphone, a pocket for your wallet or card holder, and a pocket to keep your keys safe. The pockets are removable, too. So you could even take the wallet pocket off the strap and use it like a regular old pouch. You basically could give it to your mom so she could keep her Razr safe and sound. It's just a slightly slimmer version of what's currently out there: cell phone shoulder holster. No pressure, up to you.

For the Disney Dame

Who doesn't love Mickey Mouse? I mean, really. He's the best. Minnie is pretty dope, too. You can be one with your childhood all day long with these beautifully rounded ears. Not feeling very Mickey-like some days? I get it. Sometimes I just want a plain round fanny pack without the ears. Don't worry! Just rotate the ears down and BAM! You have a more subtle bumbag slangin around those hips.

Prefer cats over mice? Check out the complete collection of cat ears and more Mickey Mouse options to make any bag truly unique. The below limited-edition metallic silver is now available online:

Shop the complete leather collections to find something perfect for your beloveds. Happy shopping!

In the New York area? Want to check out these goodies in person? Come visit me at the following holiday markets this season:

Sugar Hill Market in Harlem // December 13th // 12pm-7pm // 259 West 132nd St.

Liberty Hall at the Ace Hotel in Chelsea // December 19th // 12pm-8pm // 20 West 29th St.

Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg // December 20th // 10am-7pm // 70 North 7th St.


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December 09, 2015 by Molly Shaheen

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