Do you need some gift ideas for Father's Day this year? Look no further! Here are some great ideas for the fathers in your life!


Eyeglass Holder

My dad has glasses, does yours? I think all dads have glasses. It's like a thing with them. I actually think this holder kind of looks like my dad. I really like this eyeglass holder from Uncommon Goods but there are so many out there!

fathers day gift eyeglass holder

This style from One World Market probably looks more like my dad from the 80s. This 'stache is ON POINT.

fathers day gift eyeglasses


Leather Cell Phone Shoulder Holster

Perfect for the fashionable dad in your life, this leather cell phone holster comfortably fits a smart phone, wallet, and keys in the most stylish way - around your shoulders!

phone holster

All pockets are removable, too, so you can move them around depending on how you want to where it. The best feature is the hidden retractable key chain. Inside one of the pockets you can find a retractable key chain for your keys. So sleek. So cool. So mysterious.

phone holster

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Nothing says "Happy Father's Day" quite like a monogrammed pair of slippers. I really love Etsy for these types of gifts since the customer service is usually outstanding and the sellers make customization easy. My dad doesn't usually wear slippers, he's more of a sneakers-in-the-house kind of guy, but these monogram slippers are perfect for him because they are basically shoes!

monogram slippers men

I love that you can customize them any way you want in any color stitching. A truly unique, one-of-a-kind gift!


For the Beard

My dad still rocks the goatee like a baller. Gotta keep it moisturized, though! My English teacher senior year in High School told us on our last day: "Girls, if you take away anything from my class, please remember to moisturize." I carry these words with me every day and your dad should, too. Get him some beard elixir from Flo and Theo (my favorite vegan skincare line - truly obsessed) and pick something up for yourself while you're at it. I highly recommend the activated charcoal soap. Miracle worker.

vegan skincare fathers day gifts

charcoal soap vegan skincare


Custom Mug

Who doesn't love a good mug with your face on it? I have 3 other siblings and I'll be damned if I'm not the favorite one. JKKKKKK...but seriously, what better way to stay ahead of the others with my face plastered everywhere. I love this photo of me and Pa from when I was a chubby little babe camping in the wilderness. 

fathers day gift custom mug

custom mug fathers day gifts

Now he can see my mug on his mug e'er day. 


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June 17, 2016 by Molly Shaheen

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