The Lady Gaga Tour “Joanne” has already begun! Are you ready to see Lady Gaga performing live? There are lots of tips for how to prepare for big concerts, but it’s never a bad idea to brush up on what you need to bring.


Hands-Free Bag

Being Hands-Free at a concert is a lifesaver! Previews of the tour already have Gaga telling us to put our hands up, so you’d better be ready! Don’t let your bag hold you back for the night. Find a stylish, spacious waist bag, like these leather fanny packs. Personally, we think this black cat fanny pack would be the perfect Joanne tour accessory to make sure you have a safe, secure way to store your belongings while you dance.


Stay Hydrated!

You’re going to want a water bottle that you can refill throughout the event. Some places won’t let you bring already full water bottles inside, especially if you already opened them. The best way to get around this is to bring an empty water bottle that you can fill up and reuse (yay saving the planet!). We love these Bubi Bottles. They are super flexible, so you can roll up empty bottles to make them small enough to fit inside your fanny pack.    


Portable Phone Charger

Fastest way to ruin an otherwise amazing concert? Get seperated from your group, and then have your phone die.  Seriously - it’s a nightmare! Of course, our advice would be to stay off your phone, but if you are the type who is going to be taking pictures and videos all night long, you’ll want a portable phone charger with you. If you aren’t looking for a big investment, this portable phone charger is affordable and super tiny (again, it has to fit in your bum bag so think small!).


Festival Kit

If you don’t have a festival kit, it’s an absolute must! These tiny kits fit perfectly in your fanny pack, and are full of indoor and outdoor concert essentials. They have pain medicine, ear plugs, and bandages in case you aren’t feeling your best mid-show. Plus, sunscreen, deodorant wipes, and a hair tie in case you aren’t looking or smelling your best mid-show. There’s also some temporary tattoos, but that’s just for fun!


Selfie Stick

You’re going to be taking selfies all night, so make sure you get the best quality pictures with a selfie stick. These sticks shrink down to fit inside your fanny pack, but you can quickly extend them anytime you want to snap a selfie with your squad.


Did we miss anything? Tell us in the comments!

December 29, 2017 by Marina Montenegro

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