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Like the rest of the world, we are currently binge-watching season 2 of Stranger Things on Netflix. Is anyone else getting 80s nostalgia looking at the styles those kids are wearing? Our only glaring omission so far - where are the fanny packs?  The 1980s were full of bumbags  - they are barely on the show! 

 Dustin's Style

dustin stranger things

Dustin's had a blue backpack throughout the show, and so it makes sense to match him with a blue bum bag. Backpacks are a pretty good hands-free bag, but if you're running from a demogorgon, you'll want something smaller and more accessible, Dustin! 

Lucas's Style

Lucas stranger things

While we never get a good look at it, Lucas seems to be the only character who already has a bumbag on in the show (like the one in this picture). We matched Lucas with this deep purple fanny pack to match with the rest of his outfit. 

Nancy's Style

Nancy Stranger Things

Nancy changes so much over the course of season one. Her early season style involves light colors like pink and white. We thought this floral fanny pack would match perfectly with Nancy's look. 

Will's Style

Stranger Things Will

Will was missing in the Upsidedown for most of Season 1 - but we're glad he's back! After a trauma like the one he went through, we paired Will with this black bum bag. Will's early style had a lot of bright colors in his outfits. We debated a bright red fanny pack to match his vest collar, but with so much color, we thought a black bag was best. Black goes with everything! 

Mike's Style

Mike stranger things

Throughout the first season, Mike wears several striped shirts. Seriously - this kid loves stripes. On top of that, there's almost always a navy stripe or navy collar on his shirt. We paired Mike with this navy waist bag to match the color he already wears so much. 

Eleven's Style

Eleven Stranger Things

Eleven's pink dress/denim jacket look from Season One was so memorable. Stolen from Nancy's closet, Eleven's pink dress and denim jacket are all she really has. This blush pink fanny pack would match perfectly with the look she stole from Nancy. 

Bonus Bag: The Demogorgon

Stranger Things Monster

We don't want to be rude, but the demogorgon could do with a bit more accessorizing. We figured it likes dark things, so a black fringed fanny pack would be a good fit. Plus the fur fringe tips floating around has an upside-down feel to it - it might make the demogorgon feel more at home. 


Who's watching season 2 already? What do you think of the season so far?

November 13, 2017 by Marina Montenegro

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